PRA38 at Rotors Over the Rockies 2014


PRA member since 1973

Chapter 38 had 5 members in attendance at this years Rotors over the Rockies- @ aircraft from our chapter participated. Thomas Fernandez won the GRAND CHAMPION ROTORCRAFT award (Gyrobee). Chapter 38 president Mark Shook won the PILOT and Machine Award (Xenon) awarded by a majority vote of the participating pilots and the DEAD DINOSAUR award for burning the most fuel demonstrating and promoting Sport Rotorcraft without compensation.

photo by John Roundtree.

Chapter 38 secretary Todd Rieck gave a 1.5 hour seminar on the 3 cylinder Yamaha engine conversion and use in experimental Rotorcraft.

No this is not my new trailer, darn it.... This rig belongs to John Brewer from Missouri.

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