PRA-Rotorland, an Amazon 'LIKE' storefront for all things rotorcraft.


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Apr 21, 2008
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PRA Rotorland, an Amazon Storefront for all things Rotorcraft is being uploaded today and we will start testing with PRA products first.
Here is the's Storefront facebook group

Once that is tested, I will set up a couple of Manufactures and CFI's that have volunteered to be Next testers. Then we will go live and all who have rotorcraft specific product can have their own storefront that you maintain on your domain if you wish.
Or a FREE domain on PRA's CLOUD Hosting service as we are a charity and doing this to help the world community, not for profit.

What is it = an Amazon LIKE Web-Store for all things Rotorcraft.
1. Manufactures,
2. Dealers,
3. Gyro’s specific Part Vendors,
4. CFI’s
5. A&P’s
6. DPE’s
7. The FAA Inspectors
8. Avionics
9. Insurance
10. Flight jackets/ apparel
11. Helmets & and other Accessories.
12. Etc.

The way it works it they can go to PRA-Rotorland or site and clink on Manufactures.
They click on a Category of gyro =
!) Ultralight,
2) Single,
3) 2-place side by side,
4) 2-place tandem,
6) 3-place,
5) 4-place.
6) PAL-V convertible

Click a category and...

It display all the manufactures rides pictures and price for that Category Example = Single.
All of Aviomania’s current models in the category selected will be displayed as well as all other manufactures in Rotorland for any category selected.

They can click wish list, or a heart for favorite.

However if they click the picture or button to buy.
It redirect them to your Domain that is an exact copy of Rotorlands Store front that you maintain yourself as you wish.

OR PRA will provide you with a free hosting service and you may move your site to ours. Either way it’s your site on your domain.

As I improve it to match Manufactures, dealers needs most will only need to use it as their website and storefront that will advertise on Facebook, google, etc automatically.
As well as batch email all of the storefront members that accept marketing emails.
What is coming next will really help us.
A video library that creates building instruction video’s in build step order in minuets.
Browse to a video and upload it.
Play the video note the start time and create a description of that build step.
Enter the start time and where to stop time for that build step
At first and until you have create descriptions for all build steps enter zero for the sort order.
Then go back and enter the way you want them sorted to display in the correct order and done!
Also adding eLogbooks for pilots, AC, and Engines.
And so much more…

What is needed from Rotorcraft storefront owners is to acquiring the high quality photos and Videos of all your products.
a 50 character short description
An unlimited long description where you also put the specks for each products if required etc.
It will covert US currency to there currency automatically including adding vat if required for European manufactures and sales.

Your total cost’s = $250.00 to buy licenses for you domain name.
Why is there any cost because I bought plugins to expedited finishing it before I died, and I need my life back is why I bought what I could that was the bests.

We had to buy the same licenses for PRA’s site too.

However if you move to PRA unlimited cloud hosing service for FREE that is $90 for you at least for the same CLOUD hosing plan.

it will pay you back in a few months. If you are hosting in the cloud now then it will pay you back in 3 months or a year if not depending on how much you pay each year hosting you have now.

This marks most of the programing end of a 6 year full time project.



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Jan 14, 2020
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Great John, will be looking forward to the new Website. I think it might be worth adding a link for DARs as well, at least a place where info on DARs who have been used in the past.

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Sep 23, 2004
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Great John, will be looking forward to the new Website. I think it might be worth adding a link for DARs as well, at least a place where info on DARs who have been ua d in the past.

Great idea