PRA Chapter 73 activities


Yamaha gyro...Oregon, USA
Nov 16, 2003
Until others start posting here, you can go to

to view all chapter newletters from May 2003 to the present.

They are in COLOR with many photos included. The newsletters and chapter web site are written by Gary Kaminski (flyer of a stabbed, yellow RAF 2000 of the rotary forum).

July and August events chapter members are attending include Oskosh (Paul Plack will be there representing Aero News Network, and Jim Vanek representing Sport Copter).

In August, Paul will be going on to Mentone. Unsure if Sport Copter will be there as well.

Also in August, the McMinnville, OR fly-in is mostly fixed wing with our chapter having space there for a booth and gyros flown in and trailered in. The Evergreen Museum is where the Spruce Goose is located, as well as other aircraft displays.
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