PRA Board


David McCutchen
Wow! What a fun week at Mentone this year. I enjoyed speaking to a bunch of newbie's and ole friends.
I just wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for the confidence you have bestowed upon me. I accepted the Treasurer position on our Board of Directors. Mr. Robert Rymer is retiring and desired to step down after about 20 years of service to PRA.
That said. All PRA members have a voice through me. I desire your input and thoughts and concerns about our organization and the direction we should grow our Rotorcraft communities.
Please contact me by phone or email or a post here on the forum. Go to my Facebook page and all my contact information is listed there; or my Profile here on the Forum, or in the PRA Website ( ) under the PRA Chapters section on Tennessee.
Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve you as an Officer on the Board of Directors of PRA.


Aussie in Kansas.
Congratulations David & a BIG THANK YOU for stepping up few want to be doing the necessary organizational work for so many groups these days! I reluctantly accepted a position on the board I am a DOER more than a meeting "yapper/planner" junkie ... but if not me ...WHO????? so going to try to support the few who have worked so hard to bring it back to financial viability & now to grow grass-roots benefits for all affiliated clubs & members! ... I stepped out to rescue my gyro from the impeding storm ...& came back to have been elected VEEP in absentia ... will support Brent & John & David to the best of my ability!


RAF, turbo subaru 230hp
Chris you are already the Poster Girl for Gyros,and a great promoter of this sport ,you

are the best selection possible.