PRA-15 Presidents Comments

Mike Schallmann

Mad Man MIke
Dec 8, 2004
Buckeye AZ
Custom single seat gyro and 1939 Aeronca Chief.
Total Flight Time
950 (400 FW & 550 in Gyros)
It has become economically unfeasable for me to keep attending the monthly meeting at the Coolidge Airport. It cost me about $250 in fuel for my truck ,gyro and food for each of these meetings. So in the future The only "Offical " meetings held at the Coolidge Airport will be in October and in March.

Additionally the annual dues will drop to FIVE Dollars and a newsletter will only come out twice a year.

I would hope someone would step up to the plate to take over the Presidents Office as I no longer have the time or inclination to continue in this position and 2009 will be my LAST Year-- Ive been president for eight years and it is time to let someone else do it -or the club will go "inactive"

I keep my gyro at the Phx/Goodyear Airport and it is less than a 10 minute drive for me to fly at anytime I like --so this is where In will normally fly from. I will attend the October and March meetings --but I wil probably fly to them --Also I will attend the KBFF @ El Mirage --
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Oct 30, 2003
Ocala, Florida
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I can't fault that decision one bit Mike.

I must say tho, that I am not a member of that chapter.

Cheers :)