Portable Gyroplane Hangar For Sale


Yamaha gyro...Oregon, USA
Posting this for the owner:

8’x 20’ with 10’ ceiling. Poly-carbonate clear, corrugated roof. Canvas sides, marine plywood ends. 1-1/4” plywood floor, 2"x4” rectangular steel frame.

Work bench in front with peg board for tools. Some tools included. Plastic shelving, block and tackle in center to install rotor, w/ a 12v. winch.

3-12’ ramps each (3-2"x6” wide with metal ears to connect to the hanger. Pocket in front for front of rotor, hole in door in back for back of rotor.

Hanger weighs 3,200 lbs. and axle is good for 3,500 lbs., so need to block up frame in front and back to hold more weight, or another axle can be put on it to bring payload up to 3,800 lbs.

[email protected] for more details.

As is: $5,000. With additional axle and brakes: $6,000.

Located in Washington state


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Yamaha gyro...Oregon, USA
This hangar was used by the owner of the Sport Copter M-912 that was recently sold out of Spokane, Wa.