Pilot weight/rotor size


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Hi all,
thank you for having me in the forum.
My question is simple ( I hope )
at present I weigh in at 120 kgs, will a stock Aviomania single seater with a blue head 582 and 23 ft rotors accommodate my fat arse ? If not would longer rotors help ?


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I feel that is a good question for Nicolas who designed the Aviomania gyroplane.

Hopefully he will see your post and chime in.


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You might also throw in the typical density altitudes you fly at or plan to fly at and if you plan on adding a bunch of weight to the aircraft.


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You need to size the rotor so it will rotate at an rpm range for the total/all up weight of any given flight and also factor in for density altitude.

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You also need to use a real weight...not that kilothingy. (no i am not serious.) Welcome to the forum.


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Yes, Aviomania was designed, tested and CERTIFIED for up to 120Kg pilot (or 264 lbs of real pilot weight). It will need 24' rotors. We offer 23' up to 25' rotors for the single seat depending on pilot weight and density altitude.

Attached a picture of a guy 115Kg (253lbs) with 24' rotors and an OLD 532.... a bit less power than the 582.