Pictures I took at Mentone


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As if there wasn't enough pictures posted already, I thought I would add some I took. This one was on my camera taken 2 days before I left for Mentone, trying to get some air on my jet ski



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Nature Boy Matt Mr Grey

Matt and a rotor blade

Don't I look tired already?

Rusty Nance stopped by Camp GyroRon to chat about how life has been treating him lately, Scott Biser daydreaming in the background about how to do a real death spiral



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Cool logo on a seat of a gyro in the museum

Some people checking out stuff in the museum

Interesting thing in the museum, twin rotor helicopter powered with a mac engine!

Info on the above helicopter



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Wayne Hubbs didn't bring his full size gyro but he did bring a model of it

Here is the dude flying it

He also made a model of Tom Milton flying a Bensen

Interesting way to get your gyro to the fly-in. I only saw it there for a few hours on one day then it disappeared...



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I stole my wifes 500$ cheap chinese four wheeler to get around on, Tim Chick has a very simular one. Worked great!

I got to fly this Aircommand. It was a very treat to fly, much better handling than other aircommands I have flown, possibly due to the different H stab

Russ Kings Dominator sitting alongside a Ultrawhite Ernie brought up there to sell

Ernie being Ernie



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PRA home office

PRA airport entrance sign

PRA magazine editor Rick Gilley

PRA's office team hard at work

Rustys Daughter catching up with her My Space page

Fly-in sign up table and my sweetie who baked me a birthday cake!

Look at this hottie, Not sure how old this picture is but she is still pretty hot if you ask me!

Look I found a picture of Steve before he got all old grey haired and grumpy



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Bunch of Magnis and Steve Osborns RAF

Airboss Station

Matt, Nick, and Scott, all good guys and lots of fun to hang out with.

Scott Bizsers Hotrod Dominator



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Matt and I set out to fly higher than the clouds. Scott followed us up but chickened out at around 6000 feet. I made it to over 8000 and then came down lower to level off where matt was. It was COLD up there!

Check the bottom right number on the EIS display, that is my altitude above ground ( set for Zero on the runway at Mentone )

Here is Matt

Steve Osborn coming in for a landing

I only know the two in the black shirts and the one on the far right Stan Foster and Wayne Hubbs in black and Animal in white

After hours bash at Camp GyroRon ( notice all the empties beside Matts chair! )



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Russ King, Matt, and Scott at Breakfast

Aerial shot of Mentone

Twin Stars coming in

Look at this ugly mother F'er! Barry Kroplien came by, for about 3 hours.... bum! Next time can you at least stay for a whole day?

Bensen power!



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Coming in slow!

Dam that is a sweet gyro!

Last one for now, have more I need to download off the camera



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Hey looks like the butt of a joke to me in there somewhere?
That was great, Ron! I know these guys and gals!!!
I wasted too much time driving and staying at the motel. Next year I'm camping. Looks like I missed way to much of the fun this year after dark party.

I Loved the water shots too. Way to enjoy life with the family!!!!
Talk about kindred spirits!!!

I love following a wave waiting for it to break then spinning her 180 in the foam and at max speed driving up the face of a 6 foot about to break wave and shooting straight up it's face and flying (12 to 16 feet counting the troth behind the wave) and hanging there ….. coming down straight like a broom stick handle thrown into a pool using the water as a shock absorber (as long as you are perpendicular) and popping back up and racing to get out of the way of the next wave about to break over you and slam you down to the bottom of the sea and bouncing your poor toy somersaulting it all the way into the beach head over heals and into pieces. It's happens. Life is fun if you just do it!

Look at Ron's short takeoff distances.
I also just noticed the white prop, so that's not Saturday.
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great pics Ron, looks like Matt was thirsty after all the flying, or... he could have been trying to wash down a bug from all the high flying in the clouds.... lol
great pics. you both are very good with the doms.....


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Hey why is Matt stealing that blade? And why would you post the proof?

What a rouges gallery, but a really fun group of people?


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Mentone is the head of the PRA. Wauchula is home to one of the PRA's Chapters, and that chapters annual fly-in " Bensen Days "


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Ok, but wasn't there a discussion of the PRA having purchased the Wauchula airport? Or was it just the local chapter? Sorry, not really belonging here.



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EEEKK! Crack kills! I am blind.

man you know not to post those over the cloud pics, it gives birdy a nose bleed.