Photo of Ron Awad Flying Connie OConnor is runner-up on AVWEB home page.


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Wot happened to your cover photo??

Cheers :)

I have not submitted that yet.

The cover photo was taken by Connie, not I, so I have to get her to submit it.

Maybe I can get her to do that for next week's contest.

With all of the great photos I see on the forum I think we could have a gyro picture on AVweb each week if people start submitting!




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Great photo! Why is this the first we are seeing of it?

It is posted in the Mentone Photos Thread I think.

This is what my camera saw ...............

Hey in the last pic I see airplanes on the ground, and Connie's got my stick between her legs! Whooo Hoooooo!!!!!! ;)
Looks to me like you have your stick in your hand and looks pretty much like it is used to that! :lol:


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a really nice set of photos...i like the pictures where you can really see the beauty of the sky...


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Eddie, that was in reference to the now popular TV show.... " are you smarter than a 5th grader "