Phenix Tractor


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Here is a link of our progress with our prototype.

YouTube - Phenix latest flight !

We've been quite busy the past weeks, flying and making adjustments that never seem to end! But I guess that's what prototypes are for...

So far, we have finally managed to achieve proper settings in most of the parameters. It has been necessary to reposition both the water and oil coolers for a better temperature control.

The hydraulic prerotator is working great. It's simple to use (just press a button) and speeds up very quickly. We are not pushing it too far but we are releasing brakes at around 230 rpm and that takes 18 seconds since first engagement.

One major mod has been the removal of the complete central fin and rudder since we have proved it to be totally redundant. It even had a little negative influence in the handling of the gyro, making it too stable in the longitudinal axis. Now it feels like a gyro, before it was more like a fixed wing. In order to prevent the rudders accidentally hitting the ground (on a steep aproach) we have installed a provisional tail skid.

We are currently building a new fuselage where we will incorporate all the changes to have a more definitive model in the air as soon as possible. I will forward the new details further on.

Now we are flying almost everyday so this is good for the necessary feedback we need to achieve a final production model. Will keep you informed.



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Great news, Carlos. Please fill us in on the technical data, like climb-rate, max/cruise speed etc. when the situation stabelizes.

Carlos vient a la fête au Bois de la Pierre le 22 et 23 mai 2010 pour nous montrer ton autogire.

Carlos comes to the festival to Bois de la Pierre the 22 May 23, 2010 to show us your autogiro.


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Hi Thinus,

The past months we have been working "in the dark" to advance with the second unit of the Phenix, where we have incorporated all the modifications from what we have learnt out of the flying experience last year. Prototypes always turn out heavier than expected and there are far more little details that need changing than you can imagine.

We have also been listening to the people who have visited us and flown the prototype. Their opinions have been very valuable in order to establish the line we should follow.

We are very near completion and are very happy with the results. We will upgrade all the information related to the new model in short and keep you all posted of the next flights and progress.

Thank you for your interest, it´s nice to see that we are not forgotten!