Phenix - It flies.


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Just in case you would not know yet, the Phenix prototype started its flight trials on December 11, 2009. Pro memoria, the Phenix is a very comfortable side-by-side 2 seater tractive gyro, first presented during Aero 09 in April.

After a few fiddlings and adjustments, all went like a charm, and you can find a video
- on our website
- and on YouTube here

The proto is fitted with a Wagtail rotor and hydraulic prerotator, that proved to be extremely fast to prerotate to 200 rpm.

In addition, the dry weight of the proto being 293 kg, it gives us confidence that the production machine to Ultralight (Europe) standards will be well within regulations.

The flight trials will then resume in early 2010, and until then...

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year :0)

Alain Lederer
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Hi Alian.
Congratulations! job well done.
Good decission on the wagtail rotor. Johann knows what he is doing :)
Peter (wagtail webmaster)

ps. Now change your avtar with a Phenix? :)


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LOL Hi Peter... Not yet: That's only the proto right now, I'll change the avatar when I - at last - get the ULM demonstrator. One step at a time :0)