Phenix fun


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Hi Friends,

Here´s a short video so you can see we´re still alive and pushing with the project. The video is just some normal stuff, the quality is a bit shaky and the sound isn´t that good but we just wanted to share it with you.

Although we´ve been quiet for some time (last post was in March!), we are maintaining a stable progression. Hard work goes on and we have been particularily busy, with many things happening at the same time, most of them very positive fortunately!

It´s 8 years already since the first drawings of the Phenix, it´s hard to imagine how much work we´ve put into this project so far but, every day counts and we´re getting closer to our objectives.

Now that we are finally getting there, all I can say is that the time spent has been worthwile. The team is growing bigger and together we feel a high degree of satisfaction, so it couldn´t be better!

I hope you enjoy the video.

Regards to all.

Brent, no we don't unfortunately. It will be a while still. Once we have one, we are going to make sure everybody knows about it and can view it (and fly in it) at airshows all over the country.
I intend to tour around to different events, and visit PRA chapters every view months, as the job and wife allows :)
We also have plans do do a fairly exhaustive flight testing regime on our USA ship. This will be primarily for the creation of an accurate and useful performance planning section in the POH, but also so we can videos of it doing things like...extreme slow flight :)