Phantom Ultralight for sale


Former Gyro know it all
Oct 29, 2003
Fort Mill South Carolina
Waiex/3300 Jab, Phantom UL, Flightstar II UL
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Time has come for me to list one of my toys to make room in the hangar. It is NOT a gyro, so maybe not anyone here's cup of tea, but hear me out... Phantom is one of the very few fixed wing ultralight type airplanes that is (1) strong enough to handle high winds and turbulence and (2) has the control authority to be fully controllable in high winds and turbulence ( 3) a Phantom will be airborne in less than half the distance of most gyros and can land in as little as 200-500 feet.

I took a Phantom down to Bensen Days about 10 years ago and was out flying it when 90 percent of the gyro pilots were self grounded cause of the winds...

Phantoms are also build very strong and are stressed for 9G + 6G- so you can loop and roll and spin all you want in one.

My Phantom is a mid 2000's model, has a Rotax 503 Dual Carb Dual ignition, Large fuel tank, EIS instrument cluster, Sling seat with removable padding, Precision ground adjustable prop, Strobe light on the Kingpost, and only 158 hours total time since new on airframe and engine.

Also the plane has a BRS ballistic parachute, the chute is " in date " and has a " in date " rocket as well, with a few more years to go till next servicing is due.

Pod and gas tank is electric blue, sails are Blue and white with the Phantom logo on the underside of the wing and on the tail.

Not a gyro, but a ton of fun. Wings can be removed and plane can be trailered easily. I have 3 planes in my hangar at the moment and need to make room, I also want another gyro and need to sell this first. I will sell it for 7500$ as it sits, or 6000$ without the chute. Or will consider possible trades towards a gyro. Text me or call if interested and you have questions, or for pictures of the plane. 704 756 four six zero zero.