Pegasus Pressure Jet Helicopter


This is my first post as a newbie so please take it easy on me... I recently ran across pressure jet Helicopter that looks promising albeit the price is a little on the step side (2 seat kit for $400K).

Pegasus ETL 1.5 (No Music).mov - YouTube

Their "five year plan" which can be found at their companies website above suggests they have overcome what I understood was the greatest drawback of a pressure jet which is fuel consumption as compared to conventional jet powered helicopter by including a gas turbine "recuperator". Please note this claim on 10 percent better fuel efficiency has yet to be realized at this point...

I am not sure why they do not give credit to the original prototype which I assume is the Voljet SX255 designed by Bruno Nagler. I have included a link to the Voljet which can be viewed below.

Voljet tip jet (pressure jet) helicopter - YouTube.

I see there are some other posts on Rotary Wing forum about the Pegasus but I thought I would post this new thread since the Pegasus flight video is pretty recent. I think the price for a kit has to come down to about half of what they are asking but on the other hand with all the inherent safety features and how easy they say it is to fly, it may be worth the additional cost.




First off welcome to RWF. Hope you enjoy your time here. That sure is a compelling design with an impressive list of feature/benefits. Any idea on what the fuel burn is? I would guess nearer 20 gph than 10. That might be the more limiting factor in the civilian market.

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An unproven 2 seat kit helicopter for 400k? Good luck with that...

I don't buy claims of improved efficiency, unless they are only comparing to ancient tip jet designs.

I also think it would be interesting to watch what happens during high speed fwd flight (especially if you get it out of trim) given how much body area is in front of the cg vs the size & location of the vertical stabilizers.


The article mentions using the Rolls Royce C20 for the 2 seat version which I understand is one of the most reliable jet engines on the market and used in many applications. Researching the RR C20, I see it averages about 26 GPH. Also from what I have been able to find, the C20 has a 2400 TBO.

The Robinson R66 uses the RR300 which is the market that they want to compete against in their certified 5 seat version of the Pegasus and it has a fuel consumption rate of 20 GPH. Referencing their 5 year plan again, they anticipate getting 18 GPH with the Pegasus.

My thoughts are that the civilian market would take a serious look at the Pegasus as it would be one of the most fuel efficient jet helicopters on the market and the additional cost savings derived by far less parts to service and maintain.


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Looks like they hacked up a A600 Talon. Speaking of which, the jetexec is a nice conversion for less!

Cool concept though.

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I don't see the inefficiency of powering the rotor via pressure jets making it possible to use less fuel, even at slightly lighter weights.

This isn't new technology, there's a reason it didn't become the norm.