Passing Your Sport Pilot Gyroplane Check Ride!


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Apr 21, 2008
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Passing Your Sport Pilot Gyroplane Check Ride!


The Sport Pilot - Gyroplane Proficiency Test - What The DPE Expects You To Know!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020, starting at 19:30 Eastern Daylight Time (16:30 PDT, 17:30 MDT, 18:30 CDT, 13:30 HST, 15:30 AKDT, 16:30 Arizona, 23:30 GMT)


Mark Sprigg, DPE

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Adding a Sport Pilot - Gyroplane rating is an exciting challenge, and many new designs are appearing in the marketplace! Just as with any Practical Test, the DPE has certain expectations of you, the Applicant. Come and learn more, and join us in this FREE webinar!
Our featured speaker, Mark Sprigg, is a Commercial Gyroplane pilot with over 5000 hours. Mark is a CFI for gyroplanes with over 3000 hours of dual instruction given.

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