Palatka, FL Fly-In/Open House


Oct 27, 2015
I posted this information to the general site, but since Trenton is just a hop skip away from Palatka (28J) I thought I would repeat it here:

Hi All,

I have read this forum off and on for several years, but just registered a few months ago.

The Palatka,Florida Airport (28J) has an annual fly-in/open house the last weekend in January (01/30/16 this year). There is always a small rotary wing representation (couple of medi vacs and a helicopter rides booth), but we haven't had a gyro or EAB helicopter show up since it began 5 years ago (to my knowledge).

There has been a local (Jacksonville area maybe?) gyro pilot that has visited the field a few times (we used to have a monthly breakfast and I saw him leaving from that several years ago), but I don't have any contact info for him or any local rotary wing pilots.

If you have an aircraft that you would like to display or fly-in (there is no demonstration time or "airshow", but "fly-bys" are welcomed), I would love to see you there!

I am the announcer and I will make sure to give your aircraft lots of airtime (if you supply me with info about it).

There will be free food (BBQ pork with all of the fixins, donations accepted), classic cars and unique aircraft. We would love it if a unique rotarcaraft or 2 show up!

If they display your aircraft, they normally give you some free avgas (usually 5 gal).

Contact John Yuell (airport manager) or me (Kenny) to arrange for display.

Thanks for listening,