Our first VR 360 Gyro flight instruction video!


We just posted our first VR 360 Gyro training video. My kids actually like this one with my phone and VR headset! It is pretty cool to be able to look around and see the throttle and everything else. I think it turned out pretty cool.

Brian Jackson

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That is ridiculously cool! Thank you for posting this. I used to shoot 360 images from helis and gyros back in the early '00s and always loved that sense of immersion. Might have to buy a VR headset now just to get the full effect of your video. Needed an excuse anyway.


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Northern latitude winter sunrise . . .?

[P.S. Added Jan 15th to explain my earlier comment:
The idea that the sun rises in the east is an approximation. One should expect the sun to rise exactly in the east only on two days per year -- the equinoxes, or first day of Spring and first day of Autumn. For the northern hemisphere, in the summer months, sunrise (and sunset) happen north of east (and north of west respectively), and in the winter, south of east (and south of west). The farther north you go, the more extreme this becomes, so that way up in Canada/Alaska, the sun barely peeks above the horizon at all, appearing only briefly in a very southerly direction in winter (extremely short days), and hardly sets at all (rising and setting on either side of but pretty close to north) in the summer (extremely long days). Summer noon sun is much higher in the sky than winter noon sun, and this is because the apparent arc across the sky changes as our tilted axis travels around our orbit of the sun.]

By the way , the video looks like fun, so thanks for posting.


Thanks Brian, I have been looking for my VR headset, I want my kids to do this in it, not sure where it went! I don't know if runway 12 should be facing the sun. I guess it could be pretty close.