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The market on used gyros is very much split in two. The Euro styled gyros with Rotax engines, and everything else. The Euro styled gyros largely have good factory support, reliable engines, and a reasonable safety record. Everything else is a bit of a mixed bucket and requires a bit more research before jumping in.

The used Euro styled market probably starts at $50K. They are reasonable for the $100 hamburger trips that were mentioned. They also tend to have reasonable radios and transponders. I think Chris Lord is selling a used MTO for around $50K. The market is relatively strong for these, and I think you will have trouble finding one for less than this.

The market for everything else probably starts below $20K. It's not uncommon to find an RAF at the lower end of the market. I'd read about them before considering one. Someone also mentioned the Tango. I think most of the cost savings comes from the use of a Yamaha engine vs a Rotax. They are kind of new, and I don't know their history for support or quality control.


I had a Tandem Air Command with EJ22 for a few years and it flew well, even on long trips. I have since sold it.

I help mentor a club member who has a Tandem Dominator with a Yamaha. It flies well.

I'm mentoring another club member who has an RAF2000 EJ22 with doors removed. It flies well.

I've also flown the MTO Sport. It flies well too.

I myself am flying the AR1. It flies great.

During cold weather, I dress in layers with inners and a wind proof jacket. Keeps the cold out.

All the above machines handle differently. IMHO, for long trips, the semi-enclosed eurogyros are the best for looks, comfort, speed and fuel burn.

Prices range from $15k for my used AC, 20 to 25k for used Dom and RAF, 60k plus for new Eurogyros and 50k+ for used ones.

Depending on the use, add ons like avionics are options that can save money initially, and be installed later. The type of engine that is used can make a big difference in cost.
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Let's not forget about Insurance.
Many airport operators require at least $1 million in liability insurance to be based on the field.
Gyro insurance is hard to find and almost impossible if it does not have a Rotax or conventional aircraft engine.

Something else to consider!


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Intro Flight

Intro Flight

Hi Paul,

This is Mark with AutoGyro Arizona. The MTO Sport is a great flying plane and what my wife Britta uses for instruction. If you would like to fly one before considering the purchase of a used one, you are welcome to call Britta and schedule an intro flight. Her number is: 520-840-0951. We are located at the San Manuel (E77) airport just north of Tucson. We no longer have the Air Command - it was sold last year. The Air Command single place has also been sold.