Opelousas Flyin

Terry Young

Junior Member
Anyone alive in Louisiana?

Anyone going to Opelousas this weekend?

Just wondering, haven't seen any posts in quite a while.

Hope to see you guys this weekend.

Terry Young

Steve Weir

Terry, How late do you guys stay at the airport on Saturday and how late on Sunday? I have thought about making the drive over but would not be able to get there until Saturday evening.

Terry Young

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Hey Steve

We usually stay at the airport on Saturdays until just before sunset.
With the long summer day, we may not stay that late and go to dinner.

On Sundays there is not much going on, don't count on anyone being
there after noon.



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Hi Terry,
i will be there Lord willing, Scott is supposed to be there, Spoke with Rod, he is planning on being there. John C may have to be out of town, not sure yet, Bill will be there, Mike Morgan is planning on being there, Don't know about the Cajun Icon, but if Debbie tell him she is going to have all the crawfish to herself, he will be there. Rudy has work I think, David B. is on vacation, Roger has work, Mark is suppose to be there, Blaze will be there, that is all I have heard, but I am not in the know like most people., Arlene sadly says she cannot make it but will be thinking of us.
If it was any other Saturday I would come over but we have our Chapter 62 meeting this Saturday. I know Steve was thinking of going over after our meeting but I think there would not be any time left in the day. Man if I just had that one blade...I could fly over....LOL....The prop that Guy gave me is fine no problems..Hope to see ya soon.. Mark