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Being an introspective sort, I’m extremely wary of social media – can’t stand the pointless noise of Facebook and Twitter – but having been coerced into creating ‘an online presence’ by my publisher, I’m now reluctantly part of the dotcom crowd. It was the lesser of the two evils! And so we have https://spinningonthewind.com
I had to fill it up with something so there are a few photos, general gyro stuff, some old scribblings as well as a few new ones, plus more importantly – the training part of Short Hops for those who might find it useful.
And that’s all I have to say about that. :redface:


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Just read it, loved it, a great read Shirley. A tale of the early days of the small home built gyros in England and some of the pioneers. It a personal tale of a dangerous affliction that has infected anyone and everyone the Forum... Gyromania. Shirley caught it big time and tells us how it became part of her life, some of the people who she flew with and mentored her, and the special place she flew from.

You may be shy Shirley but never verbally challenged...at least in print that is, and certainly that is how we on this Forum communicate our passion. May it sell well and spread the huge love and enthusiasm you have for ‘Spinning on the Wind’. A superb title and describes so well what we all love to do.

Tony bouncing back, a tad more slowly these day, from his broken back, but there are about five or six single students lined up, and we seem to have made Enstone the place. Should have been there today but I have shingles and am definitely not bouncing. Single seat is not quite dead yet, who knows, it might catch on again.


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What a great chapter on learning to fly a gyro and rotor handling - as I read it I remember my single best gyro lesson with Des Butts on a 2 mile long runway somewhere near Houston


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Finished reading my Shirley signed copy.
Still can't manage to get myself into opening the next book I'm commited… Still up there spinning in my head with the pioneers, staring at book illustrations, feeling humbled and filled with respect for the autorotation settlers.
Great writting skills dragged me into the story from the start.
Humour, sorrow, humour again, melancholy...
Sorry RotorMouse, but next time we meet, you'll have to share some more of those memories.
Big thumb up.


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Just finished the book. Nicely done, Shirley. A good balance.

Does anyone know, do Crickets still fly without a stab? Just curious.


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Thank you for the feedback, very kind.

Having returned from the marvellous annual gyro meet of Bois de la Pierre (which Fred has already posted), I’ll get round to writing it up eventually – meantime there’s a few photos on the website for starters. As usual down there, innovation and enthusiasm knows no bounds. Long may it continue.

Horizontals on Crickets, Fergus – at least for a little red one wearing Dragon Wings with a ¾ offset – it makes hell of a difference!


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I believe I ordered the last "Spinning on the Wind" on UK Amazon.
I waited for news of my registration enquiry (my near-impulse buy of a second hand MTO Sport)
before I pushed the "buy" button in triumph.
At long last I received it today - it felt like I had waited forever...
I'll be starting it tonight - I'm sure I'll enjoy your command of the english language tremendously.
Thank you in advance.
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