NR prop failure


Jan 14, 2020
Kerrville, Texas
I've have 8 NR Prop blades that all have cracking and chipping in the same area near the hub attachment. Will post a short write-up later but after destructive test on one blade to determine if these were structural or cosmetic decided they are cosmetic. Final layer of glass fabric were resin starved on all of the first 4 I've worked on and the gelcoat cracked and chipped off in those areas.

Image of first three prop blades and repair, have since repaired 2 more. All failures are the result of resin starved cloths and separation of the overlying gelcoat. Total of 6 blades of this type, CR-104, now! NR Would not stand behind their product....

3 Props.jpg

Working on 2 similar failures on a set of NR scimitar blades.
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