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Open Source Projects

"For Educational Purposes Only"

PRA proposes to provide all of the Solid work drawings, Parts list, Software, Instructions, CNC code will be provided to either create your own or Rotorland USA, LLC will have them made for you. In either case, you will want to buy the parts from Rotorland USA, LLC as we plan on buying volume and holding it in inventory reducing the cost to members.
Click here to donate: Whatever amount you give today will be a donation but also become a credit paid toward the educational kits:
Projects Finished and in testing (San Diego University):

  1. Car Starter Prerotator
    Prerotator car starter motor two-speed transmission drive retrofit system using your existing Bendix, gear, and rotor-head. (30' blades 150 RRPM)
Projects Submitted to San Diego State University 6/15/2019:

  1. Jump-take-off system to retrofit the fleet. Adapting a helicopter rotor head to be an off-set gimbaled with teeter block gyro rotor-head.
  2. Lightweight stop and drop landing gear with anti-tip-over (self-leveling on impact); for a single place (1st)
  3. Fuel Flow Totalizer, Display: 1) Gallons or litters, Gals per hour burn rate, 2) Gals Left, 3) Hours left at current burn rate.
  4. G-Impact Fuel cut-off valves to stop fires after crash
  5. Prerotator, lightweight state-of-the-art highspeed (at least 220 RRRM with 30' blades) brushless motor, lithium batteries, and controller.
  6. 80 HP Yamaha snowmobile with a gearbox to convert to aviation use.
  7. Replacement fuel tank and system with extended range tanks for the RAF.
Projects not submitted yet.

  1. Zero Gravity Cradle/Trailer
  2. Pre-rotator using a drill motor for ultralights.
  3. Car airbag type seat that inflates a bubble around you on impact.
  4. Yamaha Aircraft ignition system and motor mount for the 85HP and 130HP engines
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