Not a gyro but.......


Yamaha gyro...Oregon, USA


Barry: Please excuse my ignorance, but what vintage is your plane? Engine?
I like the leather cockpit look, as well as the polished aluminum skin. And, what is the cylindrical object just forward of the map pocket?


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Hi Kevin,
The plane is a 1941 Ryan PT22. Used by Army for training in WW2.
The cylinder in the cockpit is an original fire extinguisher modified to hold a modern Halon extinguisher.
The engine is a Kinner R55 @ 160 hp.
Just finished a 2 year rebuild.

j bird

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My Father was a Army Air Force cadet in 1943, his log book shows a PT22 as his trainer, he soloed in 23 hours in Lubbock, TX.


Beautiful restoration Barry!

I have a funny story. Many years ago a friend of mine (who will remain nameless) owned a PT-22 and was displaying it at the Van Nuys Airport Airshow. The grand marshal of that airshow was William Shatner. This was when Shatner was acting in the Star Trek TV series. Shatner had to be at another engagement right after the airshow and the 405 Freeway was backed up with a traffic accident (Sig Alert). My friend offered to fly Shatner to Santa Monica Airport to reduce travel time and Shatner accepted by climbing into the front seat. During the takeoff roll, my friend lifted up the tail and in my friend's words, " A big hairy squirrel hit me in the face." What happened was Shatner's toupee flew off his head and ended up on the front of my friends face. Shatner made my friend swear not to tell anyone. My friend has never been good in keeping secrets! LOL



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Now that's funny right there don't care who you are Wayne.

And Barry being a Piper dealer with lease backs of all kinds of aircraft and with my brother doing maintenance for so many air show aircraft while making so many friends with every type of aircraft over the years; I've got to fly so many different types of aircraft since 1974 it is really easier to list the one's I've not flown yet.

But I've never flow a PT-22.

You really do have the coolest toys and she look SWEET!!!!!