Norman Surplus and James Ketchal. Gyros around the world by two Brits.


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I sent a message through the facebook page.

I finally got ahold of Eddie Gould. He's handling the logistics of Norman's flights. He said he's going to stop in Taylor, TX and wait for the weather to clear before continuing. He said he would contact me when they find out more info.
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I’m in touch with them. They are going into Montgomery.
Rob did you ask what day they would like to present there seminar. I will need to bump someone and need to print the schedule. Bobby Munroe, I'll try that email thank you for posting!


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I would think for them to predict exactly when they'll be passing through the little airport out in the corn & soybean fields of NW Indiana is impossible, due to weather conditions. Where to spend each night from now up until then for themselves & and safe lodgings for their chariots added on top of that even more of a headache. Fatigue also rears it's head, demanding it's due. I think the PRA will be lucky enough for them to be @ Mentone during the convention @ all.

Maybe explain to all presenters of the possibility of being rescheduled from their time slot in the possible event of the duo arriving during that week, and ask for their understanding if they have the time & energy to give a formal presentation. I vote for printing the schedule as you have it now, and emphasize the two record setters arriving during Mentone.