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Cut them in half,install bearings and attach the clamping plate.
I will test each one before shipped.
I have also changed the design , I believe this will be a much heartier tool.
The other jig has a clearing slot on the end, this one is in the middle of the bore.

Someone asked me " Why do you use bearings instead of a drill bushing " ?

My response,

A drill bushing is a hardened steel bushing. It does not evacuate the chips and the chips can lodge between the drill and bushing wall.
This can cause the chips to over heat the drill, plus causing a binding action between the drill and bushing wall from the chip build up.
Without lubrication you can actually seize the drill.

The bearing on the other hand spins with the drill with a very high tolerance.
The bottom race is so close, that the chip will pass through the hole up the flutes of the drill and go into the evacuation chamber, leaving the bearings almost chip free.
I use a steel sealed bearing instead of rubber one, steel will take the pounding of the chips better.



Oh Yeah,
Look at the mess I have to clean up!!!!!


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Jake.....Thank you so very much for your jig. This is the best tool in my box! Extremely high quality product!