Next Meeting SAT - Aug 25th


PRA member since 1973

Next PRA chapter 38 meeting. - Sat Aug 25th 10AM at the Meadow Lake Airport. ( for directions, go to: )

Todd and I will be sharing our impressions and experiences at the 50th Annual PRA convention , Mentone 2012, ...

...and we need to discuss plans for our September PRA38 Fly In event.

See you then


PS- That green stuff I am standing on is not carpet, it is something called grass. (Wish we had green grass like that here at home.)
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You look to be in good company there! I hope you had as much fun as I did at the convention. Every year I go, I make new friends and strengthen relationships with existing friends and it just gets better every year. It seems like you are on a good path. Keep up the good work.