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PRA member since 1973

Cobus Burger addresses the Sept. 29th meeting of the Colorado Rotorcraft Association.

Cobus is the US importer for the new Phenix tractor Autogyro, and a member of Chapter 38


PRA member since 1973
Colorado Rotorcraft Association PRA chapter 38

Minutes 09-29-2012

The meeting was called to order at 10:07am at 8400 Cessna Drive on Meadow Lake Airport.

Present were PRA38 members, Mark Shook (Xenon), Cobus Burger (Phenix), Thomas Fernandez (Gyrobee), Frank Nelson (Barnett 2 place), Joe Taft (Holloman Sportster 2place) Dick Goddard (KB2/Bensen), Todd Rieck (Modified AirCommand) and guests Joe and Lori Gross.

PRA38 member Cobus Burger, the US Importer of the new Phenix autoGyro from Spain was our guest speaker. Cobus gave a one hour presentation of the Phenix development including some flying video and photos. Questions and answers followed. The first Phenix in the US is expected to be delivered in 2013.

Cobus holds ratings for commercial and ATP airplane, commercial helicopter, and commercial gyroplane, and recently added CFI gyroplane to his ratings. Cobus has plans for a full training program and will train students who have not yet purchased an aircraft or who fly other makes, as well as all Phonix customers.

PRA38's October 13th Fly-In and pancake breakfast was discussed. We have firm commitments from 4 gyro's, 2 single place machines that will fly, and 2 gyro's for static display. This is a combined event with PRA38 and EAA72. We will have our own space north of the Association's hangar on the west ramp. For those that fly in or demonstrate their gyro's, we will provide a coned off area for pilots to allow the rotors to spin down before we taxi to park in the public area. After the combined event on the west ramp, after noon, we will move to the rotorcraft ramp on the east side for afternoon flying activities.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:12 pm . Refreshments and flying followed with Todd Rieck demonstrating his machine.

Respectfully submitted

Todd Rieck/ secretary
Colorado Rotorcraft Association / PRA38
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