Newbie hoping to build a gyrocopter


Hey guys, I am new to the amazing world of rotary aviation, and I am super excited to get started!

I am very limited by funds right now, but I have access to a ton of tools, and feel reasonably confident in my ability to make a gyro-copter of at least decent quality.

I am going to start by building something very similar to a b19, and eventually add propulsion with a propeller in the back.

I am faced with a few problems here:

1. I need to make/purchase the main, unpowered rotor. Any ideas on how I can do that?
2. If anyone has experience with engine speed, choice of engine, and propeller design for the back propeller, that would be amazing!
3. I am planning to build the top propeller housing, but if that's an awful idea, I would love to know!

I would say I have a budget in the several-hundred to one thousand dollar range. I know it's not a lot, but I am a hard worker, and great with machining. Any help with this would be awesome.



Gyroplane CFI
Welcome to the Rotary Wing Forum David.

I feel a budget of a thousand dollars is probably not sufficient.

A reliable engine or a rotor system can easily exceed that budget.

Many people forget to budget for training; as near as I can determine half of them destroy at least one gyroplane learning to fly. Some do not survive.

If you are a hard worker and great at machining it should not take long for you to make the money to finance a proper, safe gyroplane adventure.


Sling-Wing Pilot
Plan on spending about $10k if you are good at scrounging and making parts, you might be able to get a used set of blades, but blades are sized by total weight of the pilot and machine, for your first build you should stick with proven plans, Gyrobee, or 3DRV (drop keel Bensen) Plans available online for both. a good used engine will run about $2500-$5000 for a rotax 582, if you are under 160 lbs a 503 would work fine.
The rotor head, rotor blades, engine, prop, and preotator are going to be your money items, the rest is pretty easy to build.