New years at Wauchula Florida


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It's official, new years will be held at the Wauchula airport. A vote was held at the July 4th fly in. I will keep you posted with the details. We have electric and water camp sites. See ya there.

Doug Riley

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Might it be possible for club to take up a collection and buy a really BIG live oak from a nursery for the airport ? They can transport and plant some real monsters with their hydraulic rigs. It would make a nice memorial to MJ. If it were set up as a gift to the City it would be tax-deductible -- for those who care about such things.


GREAT idea!!!
Jake already managed to get a small one in by the old stumps, in case some folks didn't know.
But a BIG one really would be great.
I second.......


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We will be there, I think we will be going to Florida the day after Christmas and do a couple days at Disney World with Scott Lewis and family before going down to Wauchula.


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A big oak would be realy nice she would like that. Let me know i can get realy good deals and i can haul it . I got the deal for Jake on the one you have now.... Thanks to everone for all they did in the worst time in my life. It was nice to know i had so much suport ........THANH YOU VERY MUCH...RICHARD :angel:


J.R. Brown
Hay Richard, I want to ask you if you would come by the hanger and bring your plane, along with myself and a whloe bunch of others we miss visiting with you like days of old. We have a real nice set-up now at Wauchula that makes flying gyro's so sweet. We sit around a nice fire in the evening, have a steak meal that compairs to none and have a real good time with each other. We would love for you to join us for some memories.


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You Guy's Need To Post Some More Info On Bensen Days 2009, Like Contact Numbers And Such For Pre, Regestration. I Will Be There With The Gyro On The Trailor. Thanks