New Sky Cruiser coming to U.S.


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That's Gabor's import, right. Looked nice.
But 120 HP turbo charged Rotax????
Which Rotax is that?
There is only 912UL (80 HP) and 912ULS (100 HP) and Rotax 914UL (115 HP) right now.
Is this one of those Xenon'ed engines where they take a 912UL and modify it? Doesn't that void the Rotax warranty though?


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I think it is the "unauthorized by Rotax" turbo mod... 912....I do not know any more details.
Yes Gabor's import.


Banned for him and another for ...........well we will just have to wait and see who the other one will be for. But I can tell you this....very nice, very nice.:whoo:


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Naked yes, but I would drop the side tanks for one rear seat tank. It would look better and move the CG up. I know not that it needs it.