New foam in a Calidus seat


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This week I had AeroComfort of San Antonio, Texas, replace the foam in the seats of my 2013 Calidus. Wow, what a huge comfort improvement. They used Comfor Foam (sp) and added lumbar support. My seats had always felt under padded and uncomfortable, but are vastly improved. Note to the factory.....better, denser, foam in the seats really makes a difference. Long cross countries anyone? Ray


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Our club Calidus was also fitted with a new padded seat (back and butt)… it works great for comfort.
It suits well the shorties, but my headset now regularily bumps the canopy and my nerves !!! (A bit thiner would not have hurt IMO) :Cry:


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I bought some Premium High Density Cushion Foam at Walmart and cut them myself. My seats and backs have never felt so good and it cost me less than $20 !