New Butterfly In the Gyro nest


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What are the springs capturing?
It looks like rod end bearings mounted sideways.
It is Mike.
Tim , I tried to upload on utube tonight but it was down for maintence. I have windows Vista now. Do you know what video format is best for utube? I tried yesterday and could not upload anything. Maybe that is why they are doing maintence.


Tim Chick
From that photo it looks like it has springs above and below the rod end. Interesteing.

Mark, I think I've been uploading videos in a wmv format lately. Someone told me to try mpg 4 (?) but my software will not convert to that.
Hey Tim,
There is a spring on the top and bottom. It allows it to have about a 1/4 inch or less travel through a nylon bushing.

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Tim ,
I used what you suggested , but I down loaded the Gear plug in from You Tube and it worked pretty quick. I tried the same format yesterday and had no luck, I tried MPG1 and AVI, anyway it is on you tube and Scott has a great little machine.
He was flying a bit behind the power curve, but it was light with those big 24 foot DW's. I sounds as though he never gave the 582 much throttle at all.
He will probably be flying the pattern this weekend. I used to not like the tail, but I have to say, it really grows on you.