New Butterfly In the Gyro nest

Thanks For the comments. Hey Mitch I gave Larry the box my Rotax came in for him to send you a engine. It's a small world.:^)

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Greg Mitchell

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G'Day Scott,

The Butterfly Effect Conectivity at work......Yep Larry sent me a engine in your old box and I sent it on to NZ with another engine in it....going on a GyroBee with a T Tail I made for it. Bloke name of David King. I'll post a pic when he is ready to solo.

Small world indeed.

Enjoy Scott. Fly Safe.

Thanks everyone for the comments. It is hard to believe I have a monarch. It comes in so many nuts an bolts and parts. It gradually turns into a butterfly. :^)
It was about a 5 month build. My gold was to put one peace a day together and keep up with my honey does. Larry was a great help. He always had a answer for my questions. I also would like to thank Friendly for his help and support.
Now I need to get my airworthy and work on a trailer for it.

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Good photos, Mark. Where's the video?
I did take some video of Scott making some crow hops. I let him take my video camera home to show the video to his wife and his exchange students. I was really impressed with the slow landings and take offs compared to my KB4. He got me thinking about longer rotors.
I will posts a short video as soon as I get my gear back.
Also Scott,
I was told, I am approved for the gate pass at Marksville if I have a radio in my gyro. I think Bill is trying to work in an Oct flyin in Marksville. So keep your weekends free
Thanks For the comments.
I'm just starting to try it out but I'm very impress with it so for. It rides so smooth it is hard to tell when the tires first come of the ground. With the supper slider head and springs on the push tubes you do not have any stick shake. It lands much easer then my Bensen. I was making down wind with a x wind landings. I have not tried out the G force landing gear yet. I will have to play with it some more to get use to all the new things. But I love it so for.

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