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Thanks for coming back with that. I believe that Garry Layzell is now manufacturing those blades over here in the UK. Yes I have had input from Doug Riley who has kindly given me input on blades, masts, and rotor shake.

The math for disc loading and rotor rpm along with other performance results has thankfully all been worked out and can be found on C Beaty's rotor performance spreadsheet which is very useful.

Was just wondering if you had by chance got manufacturers recommendations with those length blades, or had been aiming for some specific figures that was all.

They certainly are quite heavy so are you adding that to the figure you gave for the gyro weight which was without rotors for the hang test, or did the figure you give include the rotors?

Yes the weight surprised me too.

If I had waited and bought SportCopter blades it would have made the ultralight weight limit exactly! I believe the SC blades are 20 pounds lighter for the same length.