Need some info on 532 rotax


Aug 21, 2018
Orting Wa
Hello and thanks in advancd for any help. Im putting together a Bensen and it came with a 532 Rotax with gear drive and a ultra prop 6 blade. I called the manufacturer of the prop to make it was the correct one and he seemed to think everything was fine however when I look at where the engine would have to sit it seemed pretty high up. The guy I talked to said to leave 2'' of clearance from the blade tips to the tail boom which would put the bottom of the engine 37 inches up the mast. I assume there is a height that should not be exceeded. Its a 61 inch prop. This seems like it would all be very critical so I want to get it right the first time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Are you putting together an existing set up or modifying it?
Is your gear box up or down.?
Post some pics, better decisions could be made when looked at.
The engine being high is no problem if the box is turned down.
If the thrust line is going through your navel, your pretty close.
The thrust line is is an imaginary line from the center of the prop parallel to the crank
With a 61" prop with the gear box down ( preferable ) a 9 to 12 inch rise of the seat should be made to stay CLT if a stock Bensen.
You could add 3* up to the prop end to help accommodate a lower seat but not as good as a 0* mount.
The pic is not a good example of motor mounting, only to depict the thrust line which should pass through you C/G.


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