Mysterious visitor Details ANYONE??


FAA DAR Gyropilot
Mar 18, 2004
Lansing, Illinois (Chicago South Suburb)
(1) Air Command, (1) Bensen glider project (1) Air Command 2 place kit, (1) Sycamore gyro
Total Flight Time
Checking out our airport on Google Maps (Lansing Muni, Lansing, IL.) when I saw this visitor from 3 months ago. I don't recognize the make or model and the registration is not from the hood. Clicking on his name, it looks like he is flying around the world for fun!


  • Mysterious visitor Details ANYONE??
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It may well be one of the examples that can "drive" as a vehicle on roads too - enhanced by Virniky in the Czech Rep,

see their Facebook link below - they aregood at promoting their adventure travels far and wide.

Further update. A couple of club members ran into this gyro and a white one accompanying it on the trip. The club member mentioned that we had a PRA chapter on the field, he replied that he "hated the PRA" maybe it was the Polish, Prussian, Phoenix, Polynesian Rotorcraft Association? They were reportedly equipped with the ground travel main landing gear. I wish I was there to talk to him.