My two cents about Bensen Days


Just my 2 cents worth.
I agree that some concurrency with SnF would be great for Benson Days. I would recommend several days overlap (either at the start or end of SnF) with 2 or 3 days of Benson days by itself. To me, this would be the best of both worlds. It would increase attendance, allow some to attend both, and a couple of days after SnF would allow for the competitions and awards to be well attended without competing demands. The timing that allows a week with the potential to be sandwiched between 2 weekends would allow the maximum attendance as this gives some a 9 day week off from work.


Scott Lewis
This year changing the dates of Bensen Days to be the same as Sun & Fun would create problems for some of our members including myself. For the last several years Roy Davis our Safety Director Mike Bantum Tim Verroi and Myself work the Tower at Chopper Town at Sun & Fun. This is already a commitment. After talking to them if they have too choose they will choose Sun & Fun..

I do believe if you want to change BD to match Sun & Fun to increase traffic it won’t work. We find it very difficult to attract people already at Sun & Fun To come down and visit Chopper Town All they have too do is hop a tram for a five minute ride. I cannot see people driving an hour to see Gyros..

You will also loose Sparrow Hawk, Xeon , and the Mosquito all of which is at Sun & Fun… On our site the dates for BD . have been posted for several months they are April 14 -19 2009

Scott Lewis


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I also need to submit my vacation days very soon.

Scott, you are the president, is that an official no or is the issue still under consideration?



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We had a "over lap" in the early nintys,don't remember just what year however. That was the first time that we lost money on our banquett. Folks left to be at sun and fun. We gave the meals to the boys camp that was there .
Joe, perhaps because that the bensen days was set at the last bensen days and have been posted sense that time we should leave this one as is and have a meeting at bensen days 09 and try to work details out ?