My next PROJECT!!


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Oct 5, 2008
Panama City, Panama

I can ACTUALLY see you building something like this...we all know you got the chops to do so.

Would yo do a wider wing span for better lift & glide...?
I'm guessing the total weight on "His" back must be in or around 125 Lbs.
Maybe what...about 15-20 minutes flight time...?

I've seen many of these Mini Jets operating down in Panama at the Airport we all fly do they whistle about at speeds that are quite stunning..!

Every time I see this video I can only imagine the feeling of literally flying...(ala' Da Vinci's original "Wing" design lo so many centuries ago).

It must be a serious rush to have that throttle in hand...imagine the climb rate...!
Looks like the landings can be a bit rough though (unless you can flare that chute at the last second).

Why not...DO are quite the you could in 2 years or less...but it looks like Ya' gotta get a chase "plane" for support.

Best to Ya' if you decide to go through with.