My new project - "Disco" open tandem


Living in the Skies
After almost 10 years of not building anything and just flying gyros I decided to try something new. The idea was to eliminate some things which I don't like in MTOsport. This gyro itself is all in all definitely the best I ever flew - light, agile and stable (not to count torque roll issue) - though it still has some design gaps and may be built 20+ lbs lighter.

I decided to redesign its airframe first using round tubing instead of square ones. If my SolidWorks still calculates things correctly this should give 12-13 kgs saving in airframe weight. Complete welded MTOsport airframe weighs 49 kg and we now see that our airframe would weigh 36-37 kg.

Last week we've got first laser cut parts and yesterday first airframe was assembled.

100 hp Rotax would be its powerplant and we plan to maybe use a Dominator-type tail for this project.

First pic shows this basic airframe without upper mast which will be attached by bolts&cheeks.


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Living in the Skies
It is postponed for now due to time&cash lack. Hopefully we'll be back to it later this year.