My Apologies to Dennis


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Dec 16, 2005
Temecula, California
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Its seems you cant even talk without a moderator stepping in to close it down because they think your not being nice. Give me a break!

Anyway Dennis I like to Apologize to you because after thinking about it, what I seen at El Mirage is no different then what a lot of other gyro pilots do but is that right is the question? I personally feel it is not right but have done the same thing by flying down and low across the same area but only for a brief time and felt it was not safe to continue, if another pilot was coming in to land or take off so I keeped it brief. So I'm guilty too.

So like Ron said you where apologizing then I like to apologize to you also for making it sound like you where dangerous and you where not doing anything different then most pilots do during the fly-in.