Mueller Aviation - Little Wing Autogyro


Sep 19, 2005
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Mueller Aviation - Manufacturer of Little Wing Autogyros

Does anyone know anything about this guy? He's claiming to be taking orders for airworthy LW-4 gyros ($49,900). How does that work for an E-AB (non-ultralight) aircraft?

"two place airworthy gyros with lessons available"

"Completed LW4 airworthy includes: 103hp
re-drive aircraft conversion 2180cc VW
engine, brakes, pre-rotator, full electrics,
Dragon Wing rotor blades, rotor tach, rotor
brake, volt meter, hour meter, oil temp, oil
pressure, fuel pressure, altimeter, airspeed,
and compass. Your choice three color paint

He also posted this photo with a caption "Phase 1 40 hours of test flying complete today. Woohoo!" with no visible N-Number on the fuselage. If it were an ultralight, it wouldn't need the N-Number, but then it also wouldn't need to complete the 40 hour phase 1 testing.

Note I am assuming this is flying in the US since the order form ( has the address listed in Wisconsin.

There's also no N-number shown on the side in this video of it flying, with the video titled, "Little Wing LW4 autogyro". According to the Little Wing site, the LW-4 is not an ultralight.

Ok, so what's going on here? It might be legitimate, but there's a bunch of inconsistencies and red flags. Does anyone have more information?