Mosquito helicopter 2 per rev vibration


Mar 10, 2007
Auckland, New Zealand
R22, MTO Sport, GyroBee, Mosquito Air
Many years ago I had a Mosquito XE that had a really bad 2 per rev vibration. I couldn’t work out what the reason was, and ended up selling it. On this forum lots of other Mosquito owners have also reported 2 per rev vibration on their machines which they have not been able to fix.

Testing the new electric helicopter I am developing, which has a head based on the Mosquito head, I once again encountered a similar vibration. Thanks to Doug I did some checks on the coning angle and undersling of the Mosquito head, and found that the head geometry was a long way from where it should be. This is likely the main reason for the 2 per rev that everyone has been battling with.

I need to make new teeter plates for my machine, and thought I’d ask if any Mosquito owners want me to design and make plates with the correct coning angle and undersling for theirs.