More helicycle questions..


Sep 30, 2013
How about putting some life in this ghost town! A few questions for a potential owner...

1.) Anyone know anything about Dave Kecks Helicycle? It’s for sale but has not flown in four years! Group 2 build. Any list of the upgrades each build group incorporated?
2.) It will be trailered back to AZ. The trailer is included and I have read some threads on trailering to include Eagles recommendation of pulling tail first. How has those who have trailered secured the skids? Can you “block” them or do they need to spread and absorb road bumps? I know the blades have to come off. Any recommendations on securing the tail? Finally, I read you need to secure the engine. Maybe a strap around the engine to the frame?
3.) And recommendations for a good person in the southern Cali area to do a pre-buy?
4.) What are everyone’s thoughts on the future of Eagle? They always seem to be teetering on going away and I don’t want to end up with an unsupported bird...and therefore a paperweight. I have also knocked around a Mosquito...great support but really like the Helicycle.

My thoughts are spending the summer (too damn hot in PHX) going through it and getting to know it. Then, knocking the rust and dust off my helo PPL. It’s been 6 years since I have flown a helicopter and a guy right across the hangar from me has offered to assist in his R-22. I fly for a living and re-gaging my skills will be fun!

Thanks in advance!