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Jake. I just saw this. Keep your chin up and know you have achieved plenty and are respected. Prayers for you


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Hi Jake, I am sad to hear your latest news... know a little bit about how it goes. Been doing just a little myself.

Been a real pleasure to have met you on the odd occasion, a great admiration for what a sand’fellow' like yourself puts out in the way of a quality flying machine. Never got to try one, but sure as hell knew quality workmanship when I saw it. Did really want to go with my last approach to you but realised the impracticality, and the situation I myself am in.

As for wives...had two, loved them dearly one left me and I left one. Get on with them well even now. We never lost respect for each other just realised that we weren’t meant to be. It does get lonely and who know there may still be someone out there, I do believe that we are meant to be pair...of the opposite sex. I accept that some of us a different...but that’s a whole 'nother subject.,

It’s a little bewildering to see how fast life has gone by, I do shake my head a lot these days, luckily not Parkinson’s, and that’s a little dark because two friend have got that it it sure does not look like fun.

You got my prayers, and I will be rooting for you, I put it in the diary cause the memory is suffering a little. Guess some of us deteriorate in different ways, but then gyros do so why shouldn’t we.

I am heading over to Tampa in April. God willing you make it and I will see about coming down to see how you are doing on that chopper you've been building. And pester you for a ride on that sweetest flying thang I had a fancy for.

As for religion, I believe, there is more to go. The hows, where’s, and whyfore’s are out there in their hundreds, all dressed up in all sorts of fancy ways, the fact that there are so many just reassure me but just don’t convince me that they need to be dressed up and any particular rig, procedure or ritual.

As for family, you have family. Its the odds and sods you have met or communicated with over your long life and interests. People who respected you, admired what you did and did what you liked doing, the people you liked, communicated with and who have touched your life. Its big enough.

You will be in my thoughts from now...and on the day.


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Hi Jake, I'm not worried about you. Your way to ugly for heaven or hell! :tongue: Your gona be around for a long time. Your in my thoughts and prayers and my angles are sending yours healing energy that they will pass on to you.

You were a big part of my Gyro journey even though my Air Command never left Terra Firma. You have such a big heart to help, support and encourage know you have the support of the entire gyro community.

Don't sell that gyro yet dude.....your gona need it.

Madwinger in Utah


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Hi Jake, what did the tests show and is surgery still slated for the 27th? Wouldn’'t want any positive thoughts from your fans being wasted on that day if the day has been shifted.

Still hoping to all works out for you. Should be over in April and will see about coming down to visit you if that would be agreeable and you have recovered OK.


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Thinking positive thoughts with a prayer on the 27th and hoping the surgery has gone well.

Will see if I can get in touch but I guess recovery might take a bit. Anybody got details on what hospital he was having the surgery in or where he will start recovery?


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Bout 6 weeks now since they cut my dumb ass and I feel great.
Can do a mile in about 8 minutes, working back to the 5.
Good on the mat for about 3 minutes till I lose my breath.
Not bad for a 65 year old triple bypass one lunger !!
Smokin is one bad ass MOFO, it reminds me several times a day that it use to be a part of my life.
Thanks Guys, I know it was your will that boost my will

Brian Jackson

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That makes me very happy, Jake! You have been thought of more than you know. Looking forward to chatting with you again. Glad you are feeling good.