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Nov 3, 2016
Ans, Belgium
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Hi everyone,
I didn't let you know what is cooking in northern France for quite a while !

So...before the Olympics get started with their festival of grounding NOTAM's, I tried to adress the likings of my local friends with an event called « Mission sur Arras ». Vaguely inspired by the fact that in May 1940, St Exupery was flying over the area, I decided to organize « a role playing gyro wargame » because most events I ever attended were only plain gatherings with one or two proposed touristic circuits and group flying.

For a weekend, we turned our club house into a command room, slept onsite and had gyroplanes save the Pas de Calais !!! Though the erroneous forcast discouraged some to participate, the club members bravely faced three days of very clement weather !

Considering we can hit 6 airfields and microstrips within 15 minutes, 12 different missions were proposed to complete a story line. Targets, hints and clues had been spread in the previous days around Arras area. The scope was quite broad...

According to the machine type : single seat, two seaters, enclosed or open cockpit, fly range...
Each pilote received a personnal briefing for specific missions... One of them managed to fly 5 over a single day !

- Intel missions... Taking them over aeronautic museum display to survey enemy forces, GPS tagging of enemy Castel-HQ, enemy radar (actual 70's army radar dome) and hidden airstrip (former luftwaffe strip)
-Landing missions ... Extraction of a bomber crew recovered by the partisants, psychological assault on enemy airfield (flagstealing), aircraft carrier landing (shortest local strip) to collect blueprints of a new bomb system.
- Bombing missions....where many water bombs went missing !
- Escort missions... Insuring cover for those landing and defending the airspace against enemy aircrafts.
- Search and destroy... shooting down the enemy general's aircraft while he was inspecting his positions.
(Rules had been determined for engagement and lessen 'dog fight' risks.)

I can definitely say that great fun was managed and the broad smiles upon debrief in the command room were not fake. Everyone showed great involvement specially when returning the proof of success in order to receive the victory badge, that they could happily stick on their aircraft.

We consider this year edition as a test for the general mechanic of the event and will return next year with a public edition. (Enquiries from visited airfields pilots have already been adressed to extend the fun!)
Basically, the idea was to bring in fun and goals to fly for... Mission accomplished !

Safe flights, everyone ! ;) (y)
Fred "Grodou"


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Indeed was great fun !

It was also the occasion to collect some more experience for club house bar story telling :
We were packing after that event where we had been flying a lot in all directions, styles and heights !!!
Aeronautic police officers enter the hangar in their very specific uniform...
Everyone freezes and starts wondering what crime we possibly have commited...
One of them initiates contact with "Hi ! I just drop by to enquire what is your club rate for offering my niece a gyro flight on her birthday !"
We felt much more relax after that !!! :)