Mentone PRA Convention - roll call


Aussie in Kansas.
Will be there to show & share the Titanium Explorer ... this year with my red 914 machine N456TE that took me 3000Nmiles around SE Australia ...April-May 2017 ..... new Gyrogypsy article coming in a future edition of Powered Sports Flying ...a great option with PRA membership!! I will be there extra early to help the hard working locals to prepare the grounds & facility for the convention!


FAA DAR Gyropilot
Calumet (Wunderlich's) will be present and hope to have time to put up a nice display tent. Tom will introduce the new owners. Our club's hospitality tent will also be there as usual.


FW and Gyros
John Rountree just posted:

Sport Copter will be at Airventure and PRA's fly-in. The new rides will be here 7/31-8/4/2018.

Jim will be flying a M912 doing loops and rolls at 1500 feet on 8/4/2018 at 11:00 AM
Jim will be giving a Seminar on 8/3/2018 at 1:00 PM.

Come see the show you don't see everyday! It's a PARTY!!!
Sport Copter's newest model, the M2 will be there.
It's a side-by-side, enclosed cabin, robust gyro with full suspension and castering NW.
Rotax 915iS (or 914 or 912).
Carbon prepreg body mounted on a beefy frame. Chrome-moly 4130 mast.
Big 6.0x600 tires. Rough field capability.
Designed for the Australian cattle ranchers, with their considerable input.

I don't think any other 2-place gyro can beat it for quality, ruggedness, and utility.
And I think it's less money than either a Cavalon or M24.


FAA DAR Gyropilot
Anyone anticipating receiving an Airworthiness Certification at Mentone needs to e-mail me within the next 5-6 days. New FAA policy requires less time to process, but time is passing rapidly.
I charge $350 for the certification and the FAA required paperwork. I DO NOT CHARGE FOR MY TRANSPORTATION COSTS AT PRA SANCTIONED EVENTS. $350 will be the total cost. Leave with a legally ready to fly aircraft.Helicopters, fixed wing, etc can be certified at Mentone. Thanks, Tom