Mentone Fireworks


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Aug 10, 2008
Battle Creek Mi.
I hope everybody enjoyed the fireworks at the PRA convention this year! I did a video and plan on posting it when time allows.

Just a heads up this show is put on by volunteers from the HPAA (Heartland Pyrotechnics Arts Ass). The product for the show is made available by donations from members, RKM, as well as paid for by cash donations from members as well the club.

Before the club can do a show, it must apply for and receive a federal permit for the date, time and location as well as notify surrounding homes though various means.
This show cost the HPAA several thousand dollars in non-donated product and was the equivalent of a $15,000.00 had it been a paid for show. It is not a “member open shoot” as been suggested but is a very precisely choregraphed show where every device is addressed and fired in a very specific time and sequence.

The show Chorographer (lead shooter) will put in several hundred-man hours designing and timing the show, labeling and fusing each device for its sequence to aid in set up later. Then has to drive the product to the show site where more volunteers (usually a dozen or so) show up the help set up, anchor, wire in the proper terminal package. This alone involves in excess of yet another hundred + man hour of work.

Then comes the clean up and yet more man hours before they can go home. In the end several hundred hours of work was donated by club members for the sole benefit of the PRA and the people in site to enjoy at no cost to them.

So Please if you enjoyed the show make the PRA BOD aware of this, voice your opinions!