Membership expiration message


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Jan 14, 2020
Kerrville, Texas
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There was a glitch yesterday with one of the plugins used on the website. An expiration pending notification was sent to users nearing membership expiration and also to life members. I've tried to contact the life members who are active and explain that the notification to them was in error. Work in progress.

To those members who have renewed - A THANK YOU!

To those members who are not subscribed to the print version of Powered Sport Flying yet who have complained about not getting a magazine this year. You are able to access the electronic version of the magazine on the website.

FYI - There has only been one issue of Powered Sport Flying magazine published this year. As a reminder to those who have paid the extra $12.00 for the hard copy of the magazine. PRA is footing the bill for the magazine, your $12.00 covers postage. You will get 4 issues of the magazine, even if it takes 4 years for those issues to be published.

Bobby Ward
THANK YOU BOBBY ...for that PSA!
I renewed this year with the $50 base membership PSF owes me SO MANY issues by now from the days they went from 10 to 6 to now 4 issues a year - that it'll take them another decade to fulfill - all the issues they owe me!

Paper copies - become "can't -throw-it-away" clutter - so for many - the member access to PSF /Rotorcraft in DIGITAL FORM - is a BLESSING!

It amazes me that so many are STILL hung-up on "getting a hard-copy magazine" - to see value in membership!
I think the days of paper magazines and in many cases paper anything are numbered.