Meeting March 7, 2015 ::SPECIAL NOTICE::


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Peach State Rotorcraft is changing our regular quarterly meeting location. Effective this coming meeting (March 7, 2015) and thereafter, unless otherwise noted, we will no longer meet at Rome, GA and will instead hold our regular meetings at the hangars at Polk County Airport, Cedartown, GA (4A4).

This change is due to a gradual shift of our membership "center of mass" over the past several years. Many more of our members find Cedartown airport a shorter ride than Rome. This was not the case 10 years ago.

To those who may be inconvenienced by this change, our apologies. To those who have wanted this change for some time, congratulations. Your wish has been granted.


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Looks like reasonable weather for the meeting. Perhaps winter is about to give us a pass (finally).


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Treasurer's report has been posted to the official Peach State website. Jon, you have done a fantastic job on our new forum and our new website. You have also done a great job with Sun State's website, and the Bensen Days website too. Looks like the South East Rotorcraft Association (SERA) is going to be a winner. Cat's outta the bag. See you folks Saturday, come Hell or high water.
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I look forward to participating with you guys when I get my helicopter done! I would have expected to be finished a LONNGGGGGGGG time ago but It just keeps taking longer and longer.


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We can race and see if I get the Bulldozer back in the air first. I'm only "two weeks" away from being done. It has been that way for some time now.