Meeting Cancelled for Mark Shook's Services


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A note for Chapter 2 members and others in our region who might be affected: Chapter 2's meeting this Saturday at Airgyro Aviation is being cancelled to allow those interested to attend the memorial service for Mark Shook in Colorado. While logistics will obviously be last-minute, we have at least two members going so far and welcome anyone who'd like to carpool from the Salt Lake City area Friday night.

Members and those on our mailing list can expect an e-mail in the next day with firmer plans.

Our next meeting will now be in November, with details by e-mail and in Western Rotorcraft.


I am still heart sick about losing Mark. He was a good friend and a huge supporter of the PRA. While we can't do anything about him being gone, we can show his family how much he meant to us, and how much his many sacrifices for our organization meant to us. We would love to have a large group of people that were touched by his life, show up and make sure his family know how much we loved and appreciated all that he did. I believe it will mean a lot to them. So anyone that can, please join us and let's give back a little, for a man that did much for all of us. For those that can't make the trip, I am sure cards and or flowers sent to the family would also be appreciated.

Doug Barker
PRA Chapter 2 Pres.


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Plans have firmed up. We'll have a carpool leaving the Salt Lake City area as soon after work Friday as we can, and have a place to stay arranged when we get to Colorado Springs, probably 1-2am. We'll rest a few hours, attend the service at 1pm, hope to catch a meal with some of the visiting rotorcraft folks and Chapter 38 members, and be on the road in time to be back in Salt Lake after midnight Sunday morning. If we have any more who'd like to carpool, send me a PM or e-mail.


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You all have a safe trip there. My condolences to you all, and Marks family. He will be dearly MISSED!